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July 24, 2013

I've been MIA

You've probably noticed, that I have been slightly, okay more than slightly, missing lately.  Well, again, I have my plate full of things that I have signed up to do, didn't sign up to do, have to do, and have to plan.  

The biggest and most important item on my list is and has been, going back to school.  While I am loving it, studying, and homework are taking up a huge chunk of my time.  In the end though, it will all be worth it.  

Of course, it's Summer, and it seems that everyone waits for these warm/hot months to hold weddings, birthday parties, get togethers, etc.  

We have the Taylor Swift concert coming up this coming Friday, and I have been helping my daughters come up with outfits that will make them stand out, as they are just dying to get chosen for her club red after party to meet her.  (My fingers are crossed, and double crossed for them.)

We are also having a new driveway put in at our house, which they called and said... "How about Monday"?  Ugh...  I wasn't expecting that to happen so quickly.  

Repairs to our existing deck, plus an addition to our deck... Then there are the everyday household chores etc.  I think there really needs to be 34 hours in each day right now.  

While my life as a blogger is pretty boring in comparrison to many others, it's far from boring as a wife, mom of teenage girls,  pet parent, and woman.   

... And I wouldn't change a single thing! 


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