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July 17, 2013

Fresh Stuffed Hot Cherry Peppers!

I wish I knew how good these were when I was younger.  I love Stuffed Hot Cherry Peppers, but I hate the price they are in the grocery store.  

This Spring, I decided to plant them, and give it the ole' college try.  

I could not be happier at just how well they have turned out.  So much so, that next year, I will have to plant extra, so I can store some away.  These were incredibly easy to make, and really didn't take all that much as far as the Prosciutto and Parmesan cheese were concerned.  

I purchased a bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a small block of Sharp Parmesan Cheese, and about 7 slices of Prosciutto.  (Total cost me about $8.49.)

First you'll need to carefully core each pepper.  Note: the seeds are what makes these peppers really hot, so if you want it slightly hotter, leave a few seeds behind.  Also be sure NOT to touch anywhere near your face! 

Secondly, cut the slices of Prosciutto in half, as well as cut several smaller blocks of Parmesan cheese.  You may have to make some blocks smaller than others, depending on the size of each pepper.  Wrap the cheese blocks with Prosciutto.

Slowly and carefully press the blocks of wrapped Parmesan into the pepper.

Place completed peppers into a large jar, and fill with Olive Oil.  Place in fridge, and let marinade for several hours.  The longer you let these set up the better they taste.  

What I noticed immediately, was the crisp crunchiness that each of these had when I bit into them, unlike the store bought variety that probably sits on the shelves for months.  


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