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May 15, 2013

What You'll Be Seeing

While, I have had an eye-opening experience by watching the documentary, "Genetic Roulette", and will be choosing healthier, cleaner food options, I am not going to go all "You should only by this, and only choose this option" on everyone.  

This is a whole new experience, that I hope you'll continue to follow me on this new journey.  

While, I will still be posting great deals, store sales, and giveaways, I will no longer be promoting the GMO laden foods that seem to be so prevalent in our food supply.  I'll be looking for cleaner, greener, healthier options in my food choices, and I'll pass those onto all of you as well.  

Over the next few weeks, you'll see some changes on this blog, adding more organic coupons, healthier recipes, and talking more about how you can take back your food supply as well.  

You'll still be able to find all the coupons you normally can on the right side of this blog:

I'll be perfectly honest, while I won't be specifically promoting new coupons from these sites, if they are not GMO free products, you can still support me and this blog by clicking those "affiliate links" to print your coupons, as each time you do, I earn a small commission from those.  

You'll still be able to find craft store coupons, and grocery store deals here, only the grocery store deals that I will be posting will be cleaner, and healthier deals.  

Taking back our food supply, is not something we should be having to do, but unfortunately, it's a reality.  Recently, I learned that Rhode Island does have  a House Bill on the table that was introduced on February, 6th, 2013. House Bill 5278 would require 

"that food and food products derived from or containing genetically modified organisms be labeled as such by the manufacturer, retailer or other person before putting it on the market for sale in Rhode Island."
If you live in RI, please consider signing this petition HERE.  


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