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May 19, 2013

ThermaCare Review & Giveaway Package!

Whether it's Spring cleaning that's got your body hurting or "that time of the month", a great way to sooth away those aches and pains without taking harsh pills is the ThermaCare heat wraps, and now the new ThermaCare Cold Wraps! 

The makers of ThermaCare have come out with a great new product, ThermaCare® Cold Wraps.   I have severe tendinitis in my right shoulder, and several months back, I was in severe pain for several days.  After applying heat several times a day with no help, I made the call to go to my doctors.  That's when she told me that with tendinitis, I should be applying cold, not heat.  I was super excited to see that ThermaCare came out with a cold version of their wraps.  

With the nicer weather lately, I've had gusto cleaning up the backyard, and planting our vegetables, and, well, the tendinitis flare up is back.  Only this time, I had a new secret weapon.  The ThermaCare Cold Wrap!  I have to say, I loved, loved, loved this!  It was cold, lasted through the night, and having these on hand, I was able to apply it right away, and calmed that flare up before it got too bad.  

ThermaCare® Cold Wraps are designed with TargetTemp Insulation TechnologyTM to deliver a constant, comfortable cold so you can wear them continuously.  Giving you effective relief without the icy shock that’s often accompanied by traditional ice packs.  

One of my favorite features of  ThermaCare® Cold Wraps is that they can be reused and refrozen for up to ten times!

Right now, you can head to the ThermaCare Facebook Page for a chance to win!  

Spin the wheel 3 times, and answer 3 questions.  Each correct answer will add 50¢ to your coupon.  Answer all 3 correctly, and you'll get an instant win bonus spin plus an entry in the Relief Getaway Sweepstakes!  

In addition to their Facebook Giveaway, The great people at ThermaCare is sponsoring a giveaway here on Brandy's Big Bargains!  You'll have a chance at scoring a great package that includes:

  Samples of ThermaCare HeatWraps and ThermaCare Cold Wraps®
    Hot / Cold Coffee mug – to kick back and relax with a warm (or cold!) treat
       Hot / Cold Gel Eye Mask – for those nights when you just need a little extra TLC

Here's the video of the Hot/Cold Mug!  I love this mug! 

Enter the giveaway below!  This great giveaway will run through May 29th, 2013, and will end at Noon.

(I received the same gift package to review, all opinions are 100% my own.)

Good Luck!!

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