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May 10, 2013

Made in America

made in the USA products and companies

Have you ever really looked around your home and noticed just how many items you have that are not made in America?  I have, and I have to admit, I was rather disgusted with myself.  The more reasearch I did, the more I realized that there are still many items that are in fact made here in America, and truth be told, are cheaper!  So I decided to put together a list in hopes that more people will start to pay attention to what they are buying.

Baby's Needs

Bath & Body Items

Duffle, Hand and Messenger Bags

Household Gadgets

Barbeque Grills & Accesories

Bedding Items

Kitchen Items

See if your appliances are made in the USA HERE

So, I hope I have prompted some of you to start looking at where your next purchase is coming from.  next time you're looking for something, just type in Made in the USA products in your search engine! 


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