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April 21, 2013

The Secret Airlines Don't Want You to Know! (Saving You Hundreds More!)

We all dream about being able to afford that needed vacation.  Then reality hits when you start looking up the cost of plane tickets.

Did you know that you can save even more than those vacation sites like Orbitz, and Hotels dot com by just doing a little more work on your end?  Really, I'm not joking.

You would think that buying a round trip ticket, to your destination would be cheaper than buying a one way ticket, right?

Well, that's not always the case.  Here's a few tips that you may not have thought about before.

For an example we are going to use Providence RI, PVD airport as the starting point, and Atlanta Georgia, ATL as the destination airport.  Also we are going to hypothetically plan this vacation 3 months out.  

You want to head to Atlanta Georgia for a week.  So you look up the price of tickets, from PVD to ATL round trip will cost you, $416.80 per ticket round trip.

Now lets mix things up here.

A one way ticket to West Palm Beach, with a change of planes in Atlanta will only cost you $112.80 get off the plane in Georgia, and just don't use the rest of the ticket.  But now you still have to get back to Providence, so I did a little extra homework, and flying from Jacksonville Florida to Providence with a change of planes, where?  Yep in Georgia will cost only $161.80.  You won't be getting on in Jacksonville, but you will be getting on in Georgia, and back home to your destination!

For a total cost of just $274.60!  That's a savings of $142.20 per ticket!

Now is $142 worth the extra homework?  I think it is!  You may have to try a few different airports to get the biggest savings, or find the change of planes city your looking for, but with savings like that, I'm thinking it's the only way I'll be booking my flights from here on out!


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