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January 12, 2013

Hidden Away Jewelry Organization! ~ Easy DIY!

A while back I had scored a beautiful oak jewelry armoire at a consignment shop for under $70.  Well having been through a house fire, I lost it, and most everything inside.  So in the recent months, I have been on a "full on assault" to find another one.  In the mean time, the majority of my jewelry is being stored in a Ziploc storage container.  Hot, right?

Well that was until I had an idea.

To turn this $9.99 Home Goods find into my temporary jewelry storage!  That's right, a spot where I can store all my bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. 

Here's what you'll need:

A canvas print that has an open back
Screws and anchors
screw driver power tools always make things go faster, and smoother!

Make sure that you're using flat screws, because when you go to close this, you'll need to make sure the screws aren't hitting each other.  (You'll know when the frame doesn't fit flush against the wall!)

Once you know where you'll be placing it, you'll want to pre drill holes in your walls and hammer in the anchors for added support.  

Once you have it attached to wall, you're almost done!  

Add hooks, which you'll want to make sure you're placing well within the open area behind the frame.  To make this easier, you can use a pencil and trace the area around the frame, making sure to stay clear about 2 inches from your pencil line, should be more than enough room so when your frame is in the closed position, there won't be any jewelry preventing it from closing all the way.  

I realized when I was finished that on the bottom of the frame, there is a lip that will accommodate my rings!   You can add more hooks as time goes on, or you can even add a second matching frame for a second one! 


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