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March 16, 2012

How We're Rebuilding... Making It Easy

There are so many different colors, different hues of colors, and different tints of colors, how do you know what you're choosing will fit with colors you've already chosen?  Are you the type of person that wants your whole home to flow together?  Or do you want each room to reflect a different type of personality? 

I'd like to think that I am a little of both.  I like fluid in my home.  I have multiple tastes when it comes to colors.  I am also one that gets bored with colors after a short period of time.  How do I pull it all together, and choose a color that will stand the test of time? 

I start with something that has struck my eye.  In this case, I have found several pairs of curtains that I just fell in love with, for a couple of rooms.  And yes, I have already purchased them, they're hanging in the closet in the mobile home right now as I speak. 

Secondly, I find the colors of the curtains in those color charts you find for free in the paint stores, and grab a few.  Why?  I put together a color scheme  inside a small notebook to bring with me, everywhere I go. 

(This color scheme is of our kitchen.  We have the color of the floors we have chosen, cabinets, and furniture in the adjacent dining room, as well as a couple of choices that we like for countertops, and wall color.)

Lowe's has a great free kitchen design on their website, that can really help you to visualize your ideas.  Whether you're doing a complete remodel, your just have an idea to change a few minor things, this tool can really be a huge time and money saver. 

( Here we have put together our Master Bedroom, including the curtains we have purchased, furniture color, carpeting color, and some accent pieces.)

In addition to the color schemes that I have put together, I have also joined a site called Polyvore.  This site has really helped me to put together pieces of furniture, colors, and accent pieces that I have found either in the stores or online.  Here's what I have put together for our Master Bedroom.

Being able to see all the items together as a set, really helps me to decide whether or not I will like the item or color, especially for items that aren't easily changed out like flooring, big ticket items like a bed frame, and wall colors.  I can also add in other accent colors that I like, to make sure that when my tastes change, they will go with the major colors that I have put into the rooms. 

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