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March 10, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Party Ideas

One of the daily tasks I do, is leave comments on blogs, forums, and the like.  I was not, however anticipating that one of my latest comments would spark people to come up with their own ideas and love my idea so much.  I was asked if I was going to be celebrating this St. Patrick's Day.   Normally my response to this is yes, however with as much as we have had to do, and have to do, this year, a party is just not manageable. 

With that, it only means, that I have a whole year to plan my St. Patrick's Day party for next year.  If you're planning a St. Patrick's Day Party, maybe you'll be able to incorporate these great ideas into your's this year. 

Host a "Green" Party with "Green" ideas.

Okay, so you have the normal "Green" foods, like Green Sugar Cookies, Green Jello, Salad Greens, Cucumber Hummus Rounds, Green Frosted cupcakes, and the like.... Now take it one step further....

Offer your guests "Green" goody bags...  there are litterally hundreds if not thousands of low cost "green" items that will "wow" your guests.   Items like Reusable shopping bags, reusable lunch bags, reusable water bottles, with Spring on it's way, it's the perfect time for people to start planting.  Set them up with literature on "green" building materials... people you know may be planning to get some home projects done, and may not know about the different "Green" building materials that are available to them. 

Too many gifts to provide everyone with their own "Green" goody bag?  Put together one or two of these goody bags, and hold a raffle.  Ask your guests to bring a canned good to the party to be entered to win one of the goody bags.  Not only will your guests have the chance to win a great gift bag, but they will also be helping a local food bank. 

Remember that a truly "Green" party, uses reusable cloth napkins, real plates, and cups.... minimize your impact this St. Patrick's Day! 


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